Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cosmo a symbol of peace and modesty


There is a special flower in our garden that has yet to grow, the Cosmo, it reminds me of my Ixchel.

For my baby shower we planted Cosmo seeds in little clay pots and gave them away as party favors. We instructed our guests to plant their seedlings and to make a wish for our baby.  Unknown to them, these seedlings would grow into beautiful blooming wishes.

Meanwhile, in our garden we also planted some so that they'd be fully grown when she arrived. And just like that by the end of June they were fully grown waiting for Ixchel's arrival. They were just in time to salute their princess. Gracefully they danced in the wind reminding me how beautiful life is and how blessed we were to have our little miracle.

This year they have started to sprout all over the garden again. Like a weed, they have  managed to grow in between rocks. Already they are commanding attention just like Ixchel! You can't miss them, they are everywhere.

I realized that Ixchel will turn two next month! Where does time go? Time to start planing her birthday party . . .


Marcela said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I love that gift idea!

Two is special...Audrey will be 3 in July!!!

DM said...

muy bonito

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