Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nicole Richie Hair

I've been thinking of getting my hair cut for a while now and I've made up my mind . . . my  hair has to go! I'm making my hair appointment for next week and I plan to cut a large chunk off. This mane is too hard to maintain!

I'm tired of it.

I want something new.

 Hopefully after: I love Nicole's style!

Que crees? Si o No? 

P.S. I've heard rumors saying that the new mom hair/cut is long hair. What do you think?

P.S.S. Notice the clearer skin? The meds are working!! I'm so happy =)


Laura (Bandida Blog) said...

Change is always good! I love Nicole's hair, I think you will rock it and really be happy with the results.
Can't wait to see photos!

Mummy D said...

you want to go blonde?!! no!! You've got great hair! A haircut is always refreshing though and a head message is always welcome!

Where did you hear that the new mom haircut is long? I suppose they love to pull it! I seem to wear mine up lot, though since I had it cut a couple of weeks ago (for first time in a year... otherwise it was me chopping it off) I've worn it down a lot more since.

Enjoy the pampering next week and look forward to seeing it!

tacubagurl said...

@ Laura thanks!

@Mummy I could never go blonde! lol But I do need a change hopefully it won't look bad =D


I prefer your long hair, but...what can i do?
Big hugs...

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